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From the identification of suitable sites to the operation of the sites throughout their full lifetime
We are a leading international solar farm developer with a track record of over 1.500 MW of successfully developed projects and current project portfolio of close to 10 GW. We have market-leading operations in 4 countries - Germany, France, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom.
Our services cover the entire value chain for large-scale solar farms, from the identification of suitable sites to the operation of the sites throughout their full lifetime.
Combining the benefits “Mittelstand” with a Large Corporate
The involvement of the world's fourth-largest operator of renewable energies, EDPR, means that, as a company, we are not only fully integrated in terms of value creation, but above all we combine the advantages of a medium-sized company, such as speed, pragmatism, reliability and goal orientation, with the power of a corporate group that is fully specialised in renewable energy.
As part of this "powerhouse" we are, for example, in a position to realise large solar farms of 100 MW and more without bank financing. In addition, with increased financial strength, we can order time-critical components at an early stage in view of any necessary grid expansion and thus accelerate projects by up to 2 years. Our expertise covers both state-subsidised projects, such as EEG projects in Germany, as well as projects operating freely on the market without any subsidies or support. Through our cooperation with EDPR, we are competent in concluding long-term power purchase agreements with the top companies in each country. This clearly sets us apart from most market participants.
Projects from small to large
We realise smaller projects, such as French quarries and landfills of 5-6 hectares. In Germany, our smallest projects are typically from 15 hectares upwards, for example EEG projects on motorways or railways. However, some of our German and UK projects are over 100 hectares in size. This means that Kronos Solar is primarily involved in the so-called "utility-scale solar sector" for large-scale projects. This requires deep expertise in the field of grid infrastructure, i.e. in the construction and expansion of substations.
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Innovation Skills
Despite our broad experience in traditional feed-in tariff and auction-based PV markets, we believe in a completely subsidy-free future for PV in Central European markets. Kronos is working to make subsidy-free solar energy a reality on a large scale. Through our cooperation with EDPR, we are able to react quickly to new market trends competently address issues while taking into account other market segments, such as battery storage or green hydrogen.
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In recent times Kronos Solar has also become a leader in the agri-photovoltaic market. We are developing some of the largest Agri-PV parks in Germany and France, combining agricultural and energy use of high-yield farmland.
We cover the entire value chain for large-scale solar farms.
Developed projects
1,500 MW
Current project portfolio
~10 GW
Germany, France, Netherlands & United Kingdom
4 countries
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