Sustainability is a driving thought in all that we do.
To us sustainability has an environmental , a social, and an economic dimension. Allow us to introduce you how we think about these and how we act to create a more sustainable world.
Environmental Dimension

To protect the environment, we complement our strategy of fighting against climate change with an environmentally responsible management of our solar and wind farms.

Social Dimension

We work everyday to maximize the potential benefits of our activity in the communities where we operate and committ to forming a meaningful part of those communities.

Economic Dimension

EDPR’s wind farms and solar parks provide economic benefits to the surrounding communities throughout their lifecycle.

Principles of sustainable development
Economic and social value

Contribute to improving competitiveness, by providing services of excellence and anticipating customers’ needs and expectations, and Constantly create value for our shareholders.

Eco-efficiency and environment

Encourage the use of renewable energy sources and cleaner and more efficient energy technology and actively contribute to the protection of the environment and biodiversity by , seeking a positive environmental balance.


Encourage innovation and creativity, in the search for new market opportunities and the improvement of processes.

Integrity and good governance

Comply with legislation and established ethical and moral standards and ensure the participatory, competent and honest governance of our business.

Transparency and dialogue

Ensure an open and trusting relationship with all stakeholders and promote consultation and communication channels with stakeholders and take their contributions and expectations into consideration.

Human capital and diversity

Encourage integrity, rigour, individual responsibility and teamwork, fostering diversity and reject abusive and discriminatory practices, guaranteeing equal opportunities.

Access to energy

Promote access to energy, in a reliable and safe manner and with quality and adapt commercial policies to the specific social nature of the market.

Society and Citizenship

Promote social innovation, maximising the positive social impact of the business and support social and cultural initiatives, based on transparent criteria for assessing the social return of the invested resources.