From Project Development to Asset Management

What we do

We are a leading international Solar Park Development platform with a track record of more than 1 Gigawatt successfully developed projects and a future pipeline of several Gigawatts across 5 core countries. We serve and manage the complete PV downstream value chain for utility scale solar power plants. Smaller projects, such as French quarries and landfill sites may be as small as 5-6 Hectares , while some of our German projects are beyond 100 Hectares in size. This places us into middle of the utility scale solar sector.

Despite a heritage in the conventional Feed in Tariff and Auction markets, we believe in the completely subsidy free future of PV in Central European Markets. Kronos is working towards making subsidy free solar happen at scale.

Project Development & Origination

Project Development & Origination means Identification & sourcing of the best sites for our solar parks, management of planning applications, grid applications, technical plant design, property law contracts management and stakeholder management.

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EPC Management

In EPC Management, we collaborate with best-in-class EPCs in the detailed plant design and construction. Effective management and quality control of the EPCs in realization. Active handling of construction related trouble shooting.

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PPA Management

In PPA Management, we apply our deep know how in driving and negotiation short and long term PPAs with bankable partners, particularly in markets with merchant risk

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Financing at Kronos Solar means effective and cost competitive non-recourse financing of our solar parks with our partner banks. It also includes the provisioning of Construction Finance needs from Kronos’ in-house resources.

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Operations & Maintenance

Operations & Maintenance at Kronos Solar means the effective management of technical third-party O&M suppliers, ground keepers and firm-internal managerial O&M.

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Asset Management

Asset Management encompasses the Administrative Management of the parks, applying control over changing cost structures and legislation.  It includes also the selective sale of Assets to the Financial Markets.

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